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Exposed Grid Suspended Ceilings

Exposed Grid Suspended Ceilings (2-way) Whether you need repairs or modifications to your existing 2-way ceiling, a few damaged tiles replaced, or a complete new ceiling, we can work with you.
Upgrading your existing ceiling, whether it's the tiles in existing grid or a completely new ceiling, can change not only the look, but the acoustics of your space.
The large earthquakes that New Zealand has experienced over the last 10-20 years have made us think about how our ceilings are designed to withstand such large seismic events. We can build your ceiling to ensure compliance with today building codes, and ceilings are built to PS1 design standards where necessary.
We are able to work within your premises while you continue to trade, or are happy to discuss out of hours work to fit your needs.

Existing suspended ceiling upgrade
Suspended Ceiling Whanganui

Concealed Ceiling System
(GIB Grid)

We can supply and install suspended or direct fix ceiling systems by way of metal batten grid systems to either suspend a plasterboard ceiling to a desired height, or directly fix to existing purlins as necessary. RONDO's Key-Lock© Ceiling System uses Top Cross Rail and Furring Channel which is strong enough to hold multiple layers of plasterboard.  We are also able to fix and stop plasterboard to a concealed ceiling system to achieve your desired finish.

Suspended Ceilings
Suspended Ceilings
Rondo Keylock Concealed Ceiling System installed by MPP Ltd

Internal Steel Framing

Steel framing is light weight and fast to build making it a good alternative to consider when building plasterboard partitioning.  We can build walls as high or as low as you need using stud and track systems.  Walls are easily braced using the same stud system or specially designed seismic braces, and come in either 64mm, 92mm or 150mm depending on your requirements. Steel stud systems are versatile, offering options to suite your desired space.  Flexitrack allows for specialty curved walls, and a Rondo's Quiet Stud acoustic wall systems weaken sound vibration across walls resulting in a more acoustic efficient wall system.  Rondo's Duplex internal stud framing system is one stud that does the job of two, which is perfect for door openings and glazing where you typically need a boxed stud configuration. Rondo's Shaftwell System allows for the rapid installation of encasing lift shafts, stairwells and service ducting, with no need to gain access within a shaft.  All components are screw and adhesive fixed so there is no need for welding or bolting, saving labour time.

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Fire surround Steel stud fireplace Steel stud compliance Fireplace Compliance

Plasterboard Fixing and Stopping

Our crew are experienced plasterboard fixers, whether it be for ceilings and bulkheads in your new home or commercial premises, or to skim and patch existing tenancy walls as you revitalize your office space. We are able to supply and fit thermal or acoustic insulation behind walls and ceilings as we go if you desire. We have experienced plasterboard stoppers available to have your walls and ceilings ready for a paint finish.

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Seismic Design, Bracing and Restraints

The large seismic events New Zealand has experience over the last two decades have highlighted the importance of proper design and installation of ceilings and walls within a building. We work with our preferred engineer who are experienced specialists in seismic restraints to obtain PS1 documentation and design which will ensure walls and ceilings are able to withstand light to moderate seismic movement to meet current building codes.  Our preferred engineer designs the most practical and cost-effective solution when it comes to bracing walls and ceilings to meet compliance requirements when it comes to future proofing for large seismic events. We are hugely experienced in building ceilings to fixed and float design, installing seismic gaps and the construction of bulkheads to ensure building code compliance.  We can discuss concepts and design and build structures that will ensure your features are well restrained. We will see through the project with engineer engagement and consultation, including PS4 inspection and sign off if necessary. We are experienced installers of products such as Tracklok, Vertibrace, Unistrut and Gripple products.

Steel stud bulkhead for the purpose bracing suspended ceiling installed by MPP Ltd
Potters Aluminium Partitioning Suite

Aluminium Doors and Partitioning

We are largely experienced in the construction of aluminium doors and partitioning or many different configurations to offer you solutions for your office or commercial premises. Whether it be aluminium door frames, sliding doors and windows or full height partitions we can work with your design and build onsite. We can offer aluminium systems from Potter Interior Systems or T & R Interiors that will help you achieve offices spaces to meet your requirements. We are able to coordinate glaziers to measure and fit glass if you desire. We can offer acoustic solutions as per your needs.

Aluminium Partitioning by MPP Ltd
Aluminium Sliding Door

Decorative Finishes

Whether it's a new fit out, or you are renovating your existing office space we can help you achieve a high-quality desired finish using your chosen product. We can offer ceiling tiles in different finishes and are highly experienced in supply and installation of specialist products, such as decorative ply panels and ceiling fins. Whatever your design we can help you achieve the look you desire.

Suspended ceilings with Autex Cube Drop In Tile Feature Ceiling fitted by MPP Ltd
Autex Acoustic Timber